I was working in GPO Staten Island, the morning the phone call was received by one of the new supervisors. She reported to the Managers’ office and told us, “I don’t know what to do with Anthony Palladino?”
Of course, we both thought it was a work floor issue, until she answered the question what happened? In stunned silence we were in disbelief, but me being the Postal cynic/skeptic figured it was a cruel prank and called NAPS Headquarters. The news did not reach NAPS yet, so for a brief moment we had hope. Hope which left in minutes as my cell phone rang and it was Mary Lou Palladino, (Vince’s oldest daughter)who simply said, “isn’t it terrible”.

Five years have now passed and I am afraid that the adage of Time Healing All Wounds has NOT worked for me. If you were not fortunate to know Vince as I did, you missed a man who always cared about the other people. He consistently put the needs of the members above anything else, including his health. There has been much written about the 1992/1993 RIF, the bottom line He not only saved many of us from the unemployment line BUT enhanced our relationship with PMG Runyon and USPS Headquarters.

I thank the family for sharing their ‘Prince’ with us, the NAPS family.
He is in a better place, watching all and I know we will never see the like of him again!

Brian Michaelson, President
Handelman-Palladino Branch

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