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Graduation of Supervisor Apprentice Program, Brooklyn, NY

Front row left: Brenda Osorio-Coach, Gleana Washington-Coach, Sergio Reyes-Apprentice, Imani Braithwaite-Apprentice, Dessiree Melo-MCSO, Kevin Chan-Coach, Jordan Hargrove-Apprentice, Crystal Nelson-Apprentice

Back row from left: Renee Bright-Mentor, Daniel Wos-Apprentice, Miguel Martinez-Coach, Jonathan Hinds-MCSO, Derek Kelley-MCSO, Helena Mason-Mentor, Taneasha Young-Apprentice, John Hu-MCSO, Wilfredo Cruz-Coach

NY1 Leadership Team

From left: Sal Saieva, Mgr Maintenance, Lorraine Castellano, D.M. NY 1, Tommy Roma, N.E.R.V.P. NAPS, Frances Paulino, O.I.C. Bklyn, NY & Steve Grant, Senior Plant Mgr, Bklyn, NY at Graduation of Supervisor Apprentice Program

NY1 Brooklyn Apprentices

Front row left: Jordan Hargrove-Apprentice, Alexa Benitez-Apprentice, Frances Paulino-O.I.C. Bklyn NY, Lorraine Castellano-D.M. NY1, Sergio Reyes-Apprentice, Tommy Roma-N.E.R.V.P. NAPS, Sharon Gregory-Apprentice, Imani Braitwaite-Apprentice, Jasmine White-Apprentice, Crystal Nelson-Apprentice, Taneshea Young-Apprentice

Back row left: Sal Saieva-MGR Maintenance, M.D. Hasan-Apprentice, Steven Grant-Executive Plant Mgr Bklyn P&DC Carl Moore-Apprentice, Paul Stremel-Mgr Field Human Resources NY1, John Bu-Mgr Customer Services, Daniel Wos-Apprentice, Daymonn Richards-Apprentice wearing their NAPS Branch 68 caps upon graduation.
All 12 new supervisors are NAPS members from the start. Congratulations!

Branch 68 Holiday Meeting

From left: Archie Warner retired Area Mgr, Dee Perez NYAVP, applaud as Tommy gives John Bu awards for being top recruiter of new members for Branch 68 Brooklyn, NY.

Tommy with Area Mgr Joe Raguso and retiree Charlie Vella.

From left: NYAVP Dee Perez, NERVP Tommy Roma, Plant Mgr Steve Grant, and V.P. Branch 68 Walter DeBerry. Officers welcome Mr. Grant after he addressed membership at Holiday meeting.

Walter DeBerry V.P. NAPS Branch 68 introduces Steve Grant, new Plant Mgr Brooklyn, NY at Holiday meeting.