Retirement – I’ve Done It

After 45 + years today is the last day for me. I began way back when very few women were “mailmen” no uniform other than what the guys wore but it did look good and we stood straight and bright each morning at uniform inspection. I moved on to the supervisor ranks and have been a supervisor for 37 years now. I’ve seen a lot and will always be grateful for the opportunity working, to raise my family well.

But lately I will agree things are very difficult out there in the field and also the plants. I’ve worked them both.

I think of Garth’s song, ” I will sail my vessel till the river’s run dry… I’ll never reach my destination if I never try…”

My postal destination is reached; retirement and new destinations lay ahead.

Good luck to those that follow. Keep on trying.

I will continue to be a devout NAPS advocate and will be working even more closely with all the NAPS members in the entire district. I’ll be around for several more years working with the NAPS association and hopefully the tensions will settle and opportunities will be justly awarded.

I read somewhere that retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living. I intend to do my utmost in following the adage “Retirement is the beginning of life — not the end!” I know, however, that regardless of how much I enjoy retirement, that I will miss everyone in this organization.

I have just one final point to make. I feel that retirement is an incredible gift. It’s a gift that everyone should give themselves when they feel they can. So set your goals and prepare yourselves wisely. The purpose of retirement is not simply to exist, to simply survive, but to elevate oneself in life, to have purpose, to achieve, and to conquer new horizons.

Contact me at 562-277-6045 or [email protected] if you need assistance or have a problem or if there is information you want to find out about. I will be available to keep on helping.

Sincerely and farewell,

Mary Di Gioia

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