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Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Tommy with mascot Sandy the Seagull

Tommy with Lijia Dyer, Branch 100 President and Antonio Cabrera from
Puerto Rico Branch 216

The Membership with Sandy the Seagull at Cyclones game

Tommy enjoying quality time with members, including Jimmy Warden,
at Lunch at Ponte Vecchio in Brooklyn N.Y.

Supervisor Apprentice Program

N.E.R.V.P. Tommy Roma seated right, Postmaster John Tortorice seated left,
with new class of Customer Service applicants for Supervisor Apprentice Program
kickoff at Brooklyn plant on July 31, 2023.  
All 12 new supervisors became NAPS members.

N.E.R.V.P. Tommy Roma center, along with Brooklyn Plant Mgr. Tara Murray to his left,
with Instructor Paul Stremel back left, enjoy kickoff of Supervisor Apprentice Program
for plant at Brooklyn G.M.F on August 2, 2023. In attendance were all
coaches, mentors, and new EAS apprentice supervisors.

Successful Puerto Rico Seminar

Tommy and Cathy Roma

Tommy and Cathy Roma

FROM LEFT M/M Bruce Nicholson, M/M Elvin Mercado

From left M/M Bruce Nicholson, M/M Elvin Mercado

Naps & USPS officials attending Branch 216 Puerto Rico meeting

NAPS & USPS officials attending Branch 216 Puerto Rico meeting

Cathy & Tommy Roma flying down to Puerto Rico for successful N.E. Area seminar

Cathy & Tommy Roma flying down to Puerto Rico for a successful N.E. Area seminar

From left Jim Warden, Doug Tulino, Tommy Roma, Dee Perez, Bruce Nicholson

From left Ivonne, Liga, Tommy, Vilma.

From left Ivonne, Lijia, Tommy, Vilma.

Our Tommy conducting successful seminar

Our Tommy conducting a successful seminar

Susan. Cathy. Tommy. and Doug enjoying dinner.

Susan, Cathy, Tommy, and Doug enjoying dinner.

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Please note: The SPAC contribution when you purchase your Shirt(s); although the collected SPAC funds are credited to the Northeastern Regional Seminar Area as a whole, your donations are credited to your state for the year. 

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