I just returned from a productive Executive board meeting, the first in a long time as far as I can see. Under the new leadership, spear headed by incoming President Brian Wagner and his resident officers, the feeling is very positive. We had four decision makers visit the board which produced positive results. Our consultative meeting with U.S.P.S. produced a lot of answers something that was lacking in the past. The old saying “The answers are right here in the room prevailed at this session.”

Violence in the work place is a top priority of this administration, and we are working hard to resolve what we feel is an injustice to all EAS. The way the program is designed it definitely favors the craft. If charges are lodged against a supervisor our only defense is to write a statement on what we believed happened. Presently we can’t face our accusers, H.R. specialists at the lowest level, DRT. team members and of course Arbitrators who render a decision. What we would like is to be able to face our accusers get our side of the story told, and a remedy each side can live with. A motion was passed by the Executive board to get out of the Violence in the workplace program, but we are still hopeful that something can be worked out to keep us in the process. (STAY TUNED)

SWCS process

Jimmy Warden and I are in talks with Doug Tulino and Ed Phelan of the USPS and I am confident we will be able to work something out concerning the SWCS process. We mutually agreed that the present SWCS calculations are not conducive to today’s business environment. It was also agreed that the state of the business must be taken into consideration in the final determination, and any positions that are added, the EAS must perform the duties the position was intended for and not be placed on details. Non Traditional Supervisors was also discussed. These supervisors will have Sunday as a regular work day to cover the Amazon hubs. Their schedule would require them to work in different stations and their hours of work will vary from station to station. After everything is agreed upon and put in place Mr. Phelan has agreed to use the Northeast area as a test site. Stations from level 18s 20s,22s,24s and above will be used and NAPS will be consulted on all stations picked. Reviews will be conducted and monitored to establish how many EAS are needed to properly manage these stations and branches for that group level. This information will then be compared to the present SWCS calculations and adjustments made if necessary. This is not an easy process and the fact that USPS is allowing us to try this out in a certain area shows me that they are willing to work with us to end the SWCS issue once and for all. Seven day operations, expanded hours of operation rest days, and additional duties for supervisors that have been added in fiscal year 2016 were also discussed.


Charlie Scialla addressed the board concerning adverse action representation. He advised us that some cases are being sent to him without an address and telephone number of the appellant, making it hard for him to contact the person who the adverse action is being taken against. The officer of the branch submitting the case must acknowledge that the appellant is a member in good standing of the submitting branch. We have had cases in the past where non-members were represented and the branch who submitted the paper work were billed for their representation. Branches submitting cases must be sure paperwork is filled out properly and that the member is a member in good standing at the time adverse action is taken against them.


The Northeast area will be hosting another seminar in Puerto Rico March 24th-25th 2017 at the Marriott San Juan Resort & Stellaris Casino. We have put together another outstanding training agenda consisting of SWCS, NPA, Violence in the workplace, the State of the Postal service, officer training and much more. Rooms will be at a premium so if you have intentions of attending, please book your rooms, they will be on a first come first served basis. We have always sold out this seminar and this one will be the best ever. The seminar is being hosted by Jim Warden, Hans Aglidian, Greg Murphy, and myself.

In closing I would like to say that I am happy with the direction our NAPS organization is headed under the new leadership of the present resident officers and their staff. I believe that they have the best interests of NAPS at heart and will represent the membership proudly. They in a short time have renewed my confidence in our future as the greatest management association bar none. Good luck Gentlemen and I will serve proudly.

Stay Strong

Tommy Roma, N.E.R.V.P.

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