An LTS to Remember

An LTS to Remember

Tommy Roma, Northeast Region Vice President

I have been attending our annual Legislative Seminar for more years than I care to remember. We have had many good LTS programs over the years, and have been fortunate enough that we haven’t had any lemons due to the hard work of our Resident Officers and our Legislative Counsel, Bruce Moyer.

This year, going back to our old home at the Marriott was fabulous. Not only was it great to be back at the Marriott, the changes in the program also freshened and energized all of the delegates. I know that I personally liked the new training materials, the upbeat programs, and the perks that all the delegates received.

Something else that was different this year was our new meeting planner, Ms Sheri Davies from Conference Direct. Conference Direct is something new for NAPS headquarters, but not something new to the Executive Board.

Many board members have been using Conference Direct for several years now. After a long string of successful events at the state and local level, last year the national executive board voted overwhelmingly to have Conference Direct negotiate with our hotels and manage the LTS program for the next several years.

The feedback that I received from delegates from my region told me that everyone was very satisfied with the 2012 LTS. Because we had a great location and the best training anyone could ask for from our lobbyist, Bruce Moyer, it was a win-win situation.

Those of you who attended the 2012 LTS, and for those members who didn’t, don’t forget…. stay in touch with your Senators and members of Congress. Making contact with them needs to happen frequently in order to save the Postal Service.

Boy, I am glad that baseball is back! Let’s go Mets!

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