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The vast majority of our NAPS membership were craft employees. I entered the Post Office (along with Ben Franklin) as a Letter Carrier. I took pride in my position, realized I held a position of importance to my customers and worked well with others, including “Supervision”. As an Adult I recognized that I would not agree with every decision on every day but knew this was the nature of the position and on LIFE!

As I travel through cyberspace and visit the various Postal Blogs, The personal, obscene, denigrating comments posted embarrass an old US Navy sailor to the point of tears. Yes, I understand frustration but this type of behavior feeds the fire of hatred, mistrust, and division. We continue to find the enemy and unfortunately, It is US! These termites destroy the organization from the inside and only contribute to an increasingly volatile situation.

The parallels of the 1993 Runyon RIF again jump out at me: “I have a job but my ‘dream’ job is posted only for affected employees”. “My specific position title was eliminated but in the MARS District, they have the same job”. WOW, Tom got a promotion out of the RIF and I am still stuck with my same job! There is no perfect solution to this RIF. Realize you are in a damage control status and need to accept this situation which was not created by you! I miss the ‘Old’ Post Office more than any of my readers. I grew up in it, lived all of my adult life in it, and am saddened by what has happened to it! We must make the best of this horrible RIF and insure YOUR continued employment with USPS. A recent retiree with over 36 years of service, an MBA degree found out the cold reality of the new workforce, Turkey Hills “Sales Associate” at minimum wage The world is as cold as their Ice Cream in six months he will be up to $8 per hour.

nuff said,

Tom Roma

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