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Branch 68 Holiday Meeting

From left: Archie Warner retired Area Mgr, Dee Perez NYAVP, applaud as Tommy gives John Bu awards for being top recruiter of new members for Branch 68 Brooklyn, NY.

Tommy with Area Mgr Joe Raguso and retiree Charlie Vella.

From left: NYAVP Dee Perez, NERVP Tommy Roma, Plant Mgr Steve Grant, and V.P. Branch 68 Walter DeBerry. Officers welcome Mr. Grant after he addressed membership at Holiday meeting.

Walter DeBerry V.P. NAPS Branch 68 introduces Steve Grant, new Plant Mgr Brooklyn, NY at Holiday meeting.

Pearl Harbor Day- December 7, 1941

To some who were not born yet or somehow forget, today December 7th is known as Pearl Harbor Day, a day President Roosevelt in his address to Congress as the U.S. entered the war against Japan labeled it as a day of infamy. The sneak attack by Japan killed over 2400 Military and civilian personnel.

I can remember as a young boy growing up in Brooklyn N.Y. every December 7th the newspapers, radio, television, and all means of communication centered around Pearl Harbor Day. Today I am sorry to say not so much. I had to look hard to find an article on the internet, if an article about Pearl Harbor is printed in today’s newspapers, you would find it on page 40. What a shame, these proud Americans gave their lives to protect our freedom, and we don’t fully honor them with a day of remembrance. Whenever I see Military personnel in my travels, I go out of my way to thank them for their service, and I donate to all Veterans organizations to show I care.

I would hope that the present generation would never forget what our Military went through during WW2, the Korean conflict, and Vietnam and honor them in any way we can. God, please bless America.

Tommy Roma